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The team of board-certified dermatologists, highly trained physician assistants, and professional medical staff at Central Dermatology Center and The Skin Care and Laser Center of Central Dermatology in Chapel Hill look forward to answering your questions about the medical and cosmetic dermatology services offered.

Besides our main location in Chapel Hill, we have an office in Sanford and Cary where we offer medical dermatology and selected cosmetic treatments. Our West End and Galloway Ridge offices offer medical dermatology services exclusively.

Contact us online or call (919) 401-1994 to schedule an appointment at one of our locations. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Central Dermatology Center
2238 Nelson Highway #100
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Tel: (919) 401-1994
Fax: (919) 401-1924
Skin Care & Laser Center
2238 Nelson Highway #300
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Tel: (919) 493-3194
Fax: (919) 401-1924
Central Dermatology Center
110 Preston Executive Dr. #108
Cary, NC 27513
Tel: (919) 653-1344
Fax: (919) 463-0920
Central Dermatology Center
1210 Central Dr.
Sanford, NC 27330
Tel: (919) 776-5286
Fax: (919) 774-4226

Dr. Beth Goldstein, Dr. Jennelle S. Williams, Dr. David T. DeVries, Dr. Rebecca Todd-Bell, Dr. C. Lynn Cheng and Dr. Nadia Wang are all board-certified Dermatologists and members of the American Board of Dermatology. Dr. Austin Newsome is a Board Certified Physician. At Central Dermatology Center, we specialize in the following areas:  the prevention and treatment of skin cancer, the treatment of acne and acne scars, aging skin and wrinkles, hair loss, eczema, rashes, moles, cysts, lesions, rosacea and redness.  CDC serves patients throughout North Carolina, including Chapel Hill, Raleigh-Durham, Cary, and Sanford.