Tattoo Removal

That spider web tattooed across your forearm seemed like a good idea at the time. Now you’re stuck wearing long-sleeved shirts. Fortunately, removing tattoos is more successful than ever, as more laser wavelengths become available. Tattoo removal in Chapel Hill at The Skin Care and Laser Center of Central Dermatology is accomplished with a Spectra™ laser, which includes 4 different wavelengths.

Removing a tattoo typically includes multiple treatments. To get started on the process, request an appointment online, or call us at (919) 493-3194 to schedule an appointment. Our medical spa is overseen by board-certified physicians from Central Dermatology Center.

How Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoos are made by injecting pigment into the outer layer of skin. To remove a tattoo, lasers dissolve the pigment into small particles, which are then removed through the body’s metabolic processes. Since a single laser wavelength targets 1 or 2 specific colors, multi-color tattoos are more difficult to remove and require several treatments. In the same way laser hair removal targets pigment in hair follicles, during laser tattoo removal tattoo pigment is destroyed and surrounding skin tissue largely untouched. Our Spectra laser is equipped with 4 various wavelengths, giving us the flexibility to treat most tattoos.

What Should I Expect?

Dermatologists can’t guarantee complete removal of all tattoos. In some cases, ink used in tattoos is injected at uneven depths, making it virtually impossible to adequately erase the entire mark. Black or dark blue ink is generally the easiest to remove. Newer tattoos using multiple colors are the most difficult.

The process of removing the tattoo can be uncomfortable. Some patients elect to have a topical anesthetic applied an hour prior to the laser treatment, while others choose to have an anesthetic injected into the target area.

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