FAQs About Mole Removal

Central Dermatology Center in Cary, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Sanford, and Raleigh, NC has a team of professionals who can help you manage a variety of situations, including providing high-quality mole removal. If you're not certain that you need this care option or are curious about how it works, read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about what we can do for you and how our treatments can manage problematic moles that may affect your appearance or overall health.

Are Moles Dangerous?

Moles are typically not a problem until they become cancerous. This may occur when the mole's cells receive too many UV rays from the sun or tanning booths and mutate. This mutation can cause the mole to grow in size and change in color and potentially spread through your skin. Thankfully, removing them can prevent this problem and keep you safe from serious danger and ensure that your skin is safe.

How Does Removal Work?

Our team at Central Dermatology Center starts by cleaning the area with an anesthetic to numb the area before treatment. Then, we carefully remove the mole and provide stitches that will naturally heal into your skin and disappear with time. This process should take very little time and usually leaves little to no scar. After removal, we test the mole to make sure it's not cancerous or otherwise problematic.

Should I Get My Mole Removed?

Unless your mole shows signs of growth or change, you can probably keep it. Just make sure that you wear sunscreen when you go out to minimize the risk of change. However, you can get mole removal if you simply don't like how it looks. This kind of cosmetic removal is not uncommon and is something that our team at Central Dermatology Center can do for you and your problematic mole.

What Should I Do If My Mole is Cancerous?

If our team discovers that your mole is cancerous, we'll let you know right away. Then, we'll come up with a treatment plan that makes sense for you. Don't panic if you have melanoma. We'll do whatever we can to help you to give you the best chance of fighting and beating this disease. Our team is trained to help you and your cancer treatment experts get through this process effectively and with little to no pain.

We're On Your Side

At Central Dermatology Center, our diverse team of high-quality professionals can provide mole removal in Cary, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Sanford, and Raleigh, NC, that meets your needs. Make sure to contact us at (919) 401-1994 to learn more about our treatments and the ways that we can help you avoid a risk of cancer.