Skin Care Products

Maintaining skin health and beauty requires a daily skin care regimen. If you would like to discuss your at-home skin care routine you can book online or submit an appointment request to consult a dermatologist or skin care expert about which products would best suit your needs, call us at (919) 493-3194 to schedule a consultation, or check out Skintelligent's AI Skin Analyzer for a precise AI-enabled analysis & targeted product suggestions.

Our portfolio of at-home skin care products can be found on our online store.


Skin Care Product Policy

We sell many different physician-grade skin care products in our office. We may recommend a certain product for a condition you may have. The products are recommended to you, but are not required, and you may be able to find a comparable product elsewhere. We are happy to discuss alternatives to our products with you.

Product Return Policy

Our policy allows you 14 days from the purchase date to exchange a product you may be dissatisfied with. Please note that most skin care product companies will only accept a return or refund on a product if you have had a reaction to the product and complete an “adverse reaction form”. Please keep your receipt. Please note that prescription items and special order items cannot be exchanged or returned for any reason.

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