What To Know about Mohs Surgery

Skin cancer is a very common condition and can be dangerous if it is left untreated or not treated in time, and for both prevention and treatment, you can turn to your dermatologist for help. Mohs surgery is one such treatment for skin cancer that focuses on specific cases where precision matters most, you can learn more about it by reading below and by reaching out to your local skin experts at the Central Dermatology Center serving patients at our Cary, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Sanford Office, locations.

Mohs Surgery

Named after the surgeon who pioneered the procedure, Mohs surgery is a technique that involves removing affected tissue in very thin layers. It is a very precise surgical treatment because the surgeon can see just where the cancer stops, something not always possible with other treatments.


It's this precision that makes it possible for the procedure to be performed around areas like eyelids, ears, and hands, where there is little tissue beneath. Mohs surgery makes it possible for you to keep as much healthy tissue as possible, can reduce scarring, and has also a very high cure rate.


Your dermatologist may recommend Mohs surgery if your cancer affects sensitive areas on your skin, if the affected area is large, if the cancer is aggressive, or if it was treated before and has returned.

The entire procedure is usually performed right in the office and under local anesthetic, allowing you to remain awake and alert throughout.

If you're looking to explore the benefits of Mohs surgery you can schedule a consultation with the providers at Central Dermatology Center serving The Triangle Area of NC by dialing (919) 401-1994.